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The future
It is unlikely that water voles will continue to survive in many of the habitats they currently occupy. They are currently believed to be extinct throughout 97% of their former range. Their best chance of survival is in landscapes where extensive ditch networks or large wetlands still exist.  This prospect will still depend upon the strategic control of mink combined with the re-creation and maintenance of suitable habitats, This process will only be sustainable if landowners are encouraged to assist their survival with the support of the statutory and voluntary nature conservation agencies. 
Catchment wide mink control/ eradication
Water Vole presence from 2004-2008
Water Vole presence from 1900-2008
Wetlands creation, ponds and river mosaics
 fencing livestock from river banks
Linkage of populations
Coppicing river banks - increase vegetation
No mink control
Overshading by trees
Linear habitat
Poached river banks
Grazed river banks
Population and Genetic isolation
Water vole population
The future of the water vole is in our hands. Simple actions will aid either its survival or extinction.   Which path do you think we need to follow?
Water voles numbers increase and survive
Water voles decline and become extinct
Specialists in water vole ecology